What if I’m afraid of needles? 

Various non-insertion and non-needling techniques can be applied for children, the very weak or elderly, or simply those too apprehensive of needles. Also, bear in mind that acupuncture needles are exceedingly thin, like a human hair or cat's whisker. When inserted, you may feel nothing at all, or sometimes a tiny pinch, but usually no stronger than a mosquito bite.

Is there medicine in the needles?     

No, acupuncturists in the United States are required by law to use one-time-use sterile disposable filiform needles- this means the needle is solid, unlike a hypodermic needle, which has a tube-like hollow center for injecting medicine or extracting fluids from the body.


Do you accept insurance?

Yes! Many insurance plans now include an acupuncture benefit. I bill your insurance directly, instead of sending you home with a form to submit on your own. I am an in-network provider for ExcellusBCBS and out-of-network for all others. Please contact your insurance provider for specific coverage details.

How long will it take to fix me?

The length of treatment is dependent on a host of factors including the onset and severity of the condition, the overall health and attitude of the patient, as well as the time interval of the treatments. For example, three treatments given weekly for 3 weeks may produce more positive results than three treatments spread over the course of a year.

Do I have to keep coming forever?

No, many patients discontinue treatment as soon as they reach their health goal(s) such as pain relief or disappearance of symptoms. However, in order to maintain good health and prolonged benefits, I advise patients to come back for routine visits whenever possible. 


"The next day I felt like a kid again!"