I first learned about acupuncture during my education in Boston. I had a close friend who was being treated regularly and absolutely raved about it.  Growing up with solely allopathic medicine, I remained skeptical of its true merit.  Then about a year later, a co-worker of my mother’s who had been struggling with infertility for two years received acupuncture treatment and conceived a child within three months! My ears perked up as I spoke with her and my scientific mind began to spin. I subsequently encountered more and more individuals who depended on acupuncture for various conditions such as arthritis, back injuries, insomnia, stress, and even an 8 year old who was successfully treated for bed-wetting.

By now I was thoroughly intrigued and decided to see for myself what all the buzz was about. I’d had a history of allergies and sinus issues since I was a child, and two years prior had undergone surgery in Boston to prevent further sinus infections. I began acupuncture treatment in September 2004, at a time when my hayfever was flaring, and I noticed a significant difference right away. Not only could I breathe easier, with far less sneezing and no itchy, watery eyes, but I also felt an overall sense of calm and peace.  A chronic worrier, I usually depended on relaxation exercises such as yoga and meditation. I was amazed that with acupuncture, the needles seemed to do all the work!

After my initial positive experience with acupuncture, I took some time working in a medical setting and taking some preparatory classes to ensure health care was the right field for me. Within two years I made my final decision to start a Master’s program in Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine and moved to New York City to do so.

Looking back, I am truly grateful to have had the opportunity to pursue a trade I truly love. Through the generous support of my family and loved ones, I feel I have found a genuine calling. Each individual I can help with this medicine becomes close to my heart.

July 2010



"Autum has a soothing voice and gentle touch, she makes getting an acupuncture treatment such a pleasant and relaxing experience."